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  • Solidary Tourism Services in Africa

    Solidary Tourism Services in Africa

    To create a Solidarity Tourism Net in Africa where the travelers stay with host families with whom they live and share. To pay homage to Africa by means ...
  • Sustainable Tourism

    Sustainable Tourism

    Tourism will never be completely sustainable as every industry has impacts, but it can work
  • Community Service

    Community Service

    Community Service
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Partnership: Local Councils & Cities

Local-GovernanceAdAP International is currently negotiating partnerships with the local councils to assist them Read more

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solidary TourismThe concept “Responsible Tourism” is quite innovative and provides the visitor with a warm welcome as soon as he lands.s. Read more

Education ,ICT & Innovation

ictThe 21st century points it right: the illiterate of the future will be anyone lacking computer literacy. Modernized electronics and new technologies...Read more

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Solidarity-through-SportSPORT IN BRIEF Project Title: "A Sport-A Career: Solidarity through Sport" Name of Center:'' ADAP-INTER SPORTS CENTER'' Triple Mission: identify... Read more

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In the first edition of this ''Collection’', we want to make it available for a large public, and in several volumes.

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7 Best Places To Visit in Cameroon That Are Safe and Beautiful

Alright, let’s be honest with each other, we doubt you have been wondering that much about the places to visit in Cameroon that are safe and beautiful. It’s just simply not that popular of a tourist destination. Let’s just say, more than half the continent, that doesn’t get recognized for drawing in tourism. Could it be the harsh terrain and weather in some areas? The endless unrest in some countries? The lack of knowledge about the countries? Whatever it is, let’s start pulling down those thoughts and give Africa a second chance. Let’s start with Cameroon.


While this country still experiences some tough issues, the tourist destinations are widely not affected. In fact, the people in most places are often lovely and welcoming since they don’t see visitors all that often.


Michal Szymanski/

So what do you know about Cameroon? Did you know there are magnificent jungles teeming with wildlife? Crazy hiking adventures through mountainous terrain? What about beaches, did you know there are some truly beautiful beaches with sandy shores and clear water? There’s even some weird terrain that gives a bizarrely beautiful scene.

We will fully admit, many of the towns and cities can be a bit rugged and perhaps even unwelcoming, or not of any interest. While some of those places might be necessary to transit though, there’s no reason to stay. Transportation will be a bit more intrepid as well, but it doesn’t mean this isn’t a great place to travel. There are quite a few places to visit in Cameroon that are beautiful and safe, so let’s give it a chance…



Meet our team

jouaneActive Member - Member of the Board of Trustees  
Special Coordinator of ADAP Tourism Project in Europe
Retired Banker. Live at Rennes – France.

rosineFounding Member – Chief Executive Officer in Charge for France.
Social Worker. Live in Paris – France.

hubertDirector of ADAP Sports Activities & Communication – Live in Cameroon
Licensed Professional in I C T.
Long time experience in Social activities.

no-imageBookkeeper - Live in Cameroon
Trader - Long time experience in Social activities.

no-imageTreasurer - Live in Cameroon
Long time experience in Social activities.

no-imageDeputy Secretary Cameroon -
Live in Cameroon
Bachelor in Business Administration

no-imageSecretary Cameroon–Retail Trader - Live in Cameroon
Long time experience in Social activities.

no-imageFounding Member – Special Advisor
Traditional Chief of village Bangang-Fondji – Ouest Cameroon
Live in Cameroon

no-imageDeputy C.E.O Cameroon in charge of Program and Publics Relations. Live in Cameroon
Master in Business Law & Tax  

henriSenior Deputy C.E.O Cameroon in charge of General Accounting, Development and Social Marketing. Live in Cameroon
Senior Deputy Accountant in Chief atMOVIS Cameroun

mariesFounding Member – Seniormember of the Board of Trustees–Chief Executive Officer Cameroon. Live in Cameroon
Technical Coordinator of ADAP Tourism Project
Teacher of Primary and Elementary school (ProfesseurdesEcoles)./ Promoter of primary school with ADAP.
Tel : +237697951270

jeanDirector of ADAP Sports Activities– Live in Houston – TX - USA
He Studied Literature at the University Robert Schuman of Strasbourg in France.
Jean-Daniel Bassong is specialized in sports literature. He is the author of the Book: Albert Roger Milla 'The Immortal'; A biography of the African Legend of football (Soccer)

stephanBookkeeper USA - Live in Houston – TX – USA

emmaSecretary USA - Live in Houston – TX – USA
High School Degree in Technical Studies–Fashion Designer  - Decorator

lucienTreasurer USA - Live in Houston – TX - USA
Hold a Master degree in Law, Finances and Political Sciences.
Is currently Practicing Nursing as LVN . Work with Supplemental healthcare companies

leaDeputy C.E.OUSA in charge of Development and Social Marketing- Live in Houston – TX – USA.
Hold a high school degree in USA. Actually she is pursuing medical studies in dentistry.

charlesSenior Deputy CEO USAMarketing and Public Relations- Live in Houston – TX - USA
Hold an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Colorado Technical University.
He is a Senior Global Supply Chain Inventory Supervisor at Baker Hughes Oil, Houston Texas.