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In the late 1990s and on the threshold of the third millennium, the migration African youths to other places for the pursuit of happiness and greener pastures acknowledged a great increase. The mains reason was the miserable and poor living conditions of the general population. Millions could risk their lives just to find themselves in the other side of the Atlantic.

This scourge dangerously drained Africa from the brains and hands of strong and brave human resources on who the continent was relying for society building and development.

In order to advocate against the setbacks of this massive youth population movement, we decided to create in Cameroon, the International Association of Development, Assistance and Peace (ADAP-International). The organization was declared and legalized in Cameroon (Central Africa) in 2004.
Just after a few years, the world has become a global village. We migrate to open up to others, go and learn what some have in positive, with the aim to return and contribute to the development of Africa. We firmly adhere to this thought. This opening to other cultures must be undertaken in respect to laws, rights and duties or obligations. Not illegal adventures.

We created ADAP- International in view of promotion of this vision.

Since April 2012, ADAP-International has got legal existence in the State of Texas, in the USA. This entity is the hub of the international organization. In addition to the goals and objectives of the founders, we promote some more specific activities such as the integration and inclusion of legal migrants, the assistance of students in enrolling them in Western Business Schools and Universities.  

The motivational goal that emphasizes awareness of African youth on illegal and clandestine exile prompted the creation of ADAP-International. This is the basis of our mission.  

Although social entrepreneurship is tough and sometimes unrewarding, we keep to our vision promotion a human-centered approach in our activities.

In Africa, Europe and the United States where we are implanted, we highly value the commitment of our volunteers.