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Adult-LiteracyThe situation is alarming! The rate of literacy in Africa is very low. We intend to bring a special contribution in this area.
The implementation of the idea of "three in one" is possible and at lower cost. This involves organizing all the courses in the same premises: the primary and elementary bilingual school, a computer training center and a literacy center for adults.

Our field implementation: this education program for adults will be held in the premises of the primary and elementary school, under the management and know-how of volunteers recruited both within the teaching staff and beyond. Most of the training will consist of an introduction to the alphabet in English and French and, basic arithmetic and writing.

Target groups: Adults of both genders aged 35-years and above

Launching date: As soon as the primary and elementary bilingual school is open.

Other specificity: adult learners who have demonstrated proficiency and regular attendance will advance on the basis of these criteria to the ICT training course – a sort of two-in-one.