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ict-training-for-communities-in-cameroonThe 21st century points it right: the illiterate of the future will be anyone lacking computer literacy. Modernized electronics and new technologies have taken over the paperwork and reduced the work load; the Internet has created a rapid access to information in all the fields of work. Africa cannot boast of a rapid development so far as our youth remain indifferent to these technological revolutions.

Worthy sons of Africa have done and continue to prove prowess in these fields worldwide.
Fully aware of the gap between Africa (mostly sub-Saharan) and the West, we think it is necessary, even essential to help further literacy in these new technologies.
Of course, governments make quite impressive efforts; in Cameroon for instance in fostering accessibility to these new fields but, unfortunately the gap between the ‘knows’ and the ‘knows-not’ remains wide.

Our field implementation: This activity will be carried out in the evening and be hosted by the building we are erecting for the Primary and Elementary School. Rooms will be equipped with machines for the training of those selected in this program.

Target population: Youth of both sexes: including the unemployed of age group between 20 and 35 years.

Launching date: Upon opening of the primary school.