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Making Education Accessible To All

accessible-educationThrough this advocacy, support governments’ efforts in Africa.
Our aim:

  • Build a strong partnership owing to our expertise acquired over the years.
  • Provide a well-paid permanent teaching job to our teaching staff.
  • Contribute to the reduction of inadequate schooling infrastructure in our cities and countryside.

The Project in brief:
school type: Bilingual Primary an elementary school  
Country: Cameroon
City: Douala (economic capital),
District: Douala 3rd
Reason for choosing this site: people living with less that 1Dollar per day
Target Groups: poor families without any discrimination whatsoever
Current level of project: land of about 1500m2 already available.

We rely on all well-wishers and stakeholders of goodwill to complete this project. The building will host other activities.