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cam-tour“Africa in miniature”, “Tourism Paradise”, “All Africa in a single country”… as many slogans given to Cameroon owing to its striking touristic diversity. You find the entire African in Cameroon!
From a equatorial green forests in the South to hot savannah plains in the North, all along through the highlands of western hilly landscapes and sandy beaches with gray and yellow sand of the Littoral, Cameroon offers a wealth of striking landscapes, sites, humankind and traditions.
Natural beaches of Limbé and Kribi; Kapsiki sunset landscapes, national parks and wildlife reserves, dense forest, savannah, waterfalls and lakes, mountains and many more you cannot name make the Cameroon destination a true paradise.
The Limbé Botanical Garden, Mount Cameroon, with its 4071m (tops the peaks of Central and West Africa mountains), the richest Korup National Park, (the oldest rainforest in the world), the Dja reserve (classified world heritage by UNESCO), stand out among the countless eco-tourism sites in the country.
Officially located in the heart of Africa, Cameroon is a bilingual country – the only country with Canada having both French and English as official languages.   
The communications and telecommunications infrastructure is well developed – such a touristic potential clearly requires in order to be viable, a full up-to-date communication facility. To boost the sector, the State of Cameroon took a series of measures including the creation of a National Council of Tourism and more recently, following the decentralization policy, the management of touristic sites was entrusted local councils in the hope of improving performance.
At this point, ADAP-INTERNATIONAL comes in as a viable partner to local councils to portray the eco-touristic aspect of this rich industry. Cameroon is not to be visited, but rather discovered. It cannot be told, but lived and experienced!