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Cameroon In Brief

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cameroonLocation: Cameroon is located in Central Africa, the heart of the continent, with an area of 475,442 km2. From Chad in the north, Cameroon extends to the Atlantic coast in the south. It has common borders with Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo to the south, with the Central African Republic in the east, and in the Nigeria west. Cameroon is about 6 hours flight from Paris.
The administrative capital is Yaoundé, 700m above sea level and 250km from the coast.
Douala is the economic capital of the mouth of the river Wouri.

Other main cities are: Bafoussam, Bamenda, Bertoua, Buea, Ebolowa, Garoua, Maroua, N’Gaoundéré, Nkongsamba, Limbe, Kribi, Foumban, Sangmélima, Edea Fumban.
Climate: The equatorial south is humid and dry in the north.
In the southern part of Cameroon, the dry season is from November to February, the short rainy season is from March to June, while the long rainy season lasts from August to late September. The average temperature is 26°C.
In the northern part of Cameroon, the rainy season extends from May to late September, with less than 1 meter of rainfall per year. The average temperature is 30°C.

When to get there: from October to May in the far north region good for Safari and, all year round for the rest of Cameroon.

Population: About 20 million people composed of more than 250 ethnic groups, the main ones being the Bantu, the Bamileke, the Bamouns, the Fulani and the Kirdis.

Languages: The official languages are French and English.

Currency:  CFA Franc. $1 is worth 500FCFA

Telephone code: For international calls to Cameroon, dial +237.