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Sites Inventory

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The National Parks:

Cameroon-parksThe Waza National Park: Located in the Far North: this is the Promised Land for lions, giraffes, elephants, ostriches, cheetahs and many other mammals. Waza is about 170 000ha wide.
The Boubandjidah Park: an area of about 220 000ha located in the North. Rhinoceros prevail.
The Park Benue: an area of 180 000ha, located in the North is full hippopotamuses, hyenas, panthers ...
The Korup National Park (1259 km2) located in the South and is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful tropical forests in the world.
The Faro Park: (300 000ha), abounds with rhinoceros, buffaloes, elephants, giraffes etc ...
The Park Kalamaloue: (4 500ha),  full of elephants, crocodiles, giraffes, many bird species ...
The Mozogo Goloko Park: (1 400ha) mainly of botanical attraction and interest;
Park Lobeke: Forest and wildlife, it is one of the few gorillas sanctuaries in the world.
The Campo Ma’an Park: hosts elephants and chimpanzees in their natural habitat in the heart of its beautiful forest.

Natural Reserves:
Other than the National Parks, Cameroon has many reserve of wildlife, like: Pangar-Djerem, Adi Kimbi, Mbi Crater, Douala, Edéa, Lake Ossa, Santchou, Bafia ...

The Vina in the North and the Lobe in Kribi – the littoral area.

Other Famous Sites:
-Mount Cameroon in the South-West
-The Limbé Botanical Garden in the South-West
-Natural Beaches of Limbé and Kribi in the coast
-The mountains and highlands of the West
-The historical palace of the Sultan of Bamouns
-The Reunification Monument in Yaoundé...