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Project 1

vegas-book-frontTitle: Republic of Cameroon: Collection of Elected cadres at Local and National Levels
Author: Vincent TCHOKOSSA (Director)
Partnership: ADAP-International
Description of the project:
In the first edition of this ''Collection’', we want to make it available for a large public, and in several volumes. The information collected will showcase the elected representatives of the population as a result of municipal, legislative, senatorial, presidential elections.
So true is it that people overwhelmingly are generally very little informed of their representatives, and it would be superfluous to state the point that they cannot all go, present their respective localities where they belong.
The content:

  • The insertion of the picture of each elected cadre following the presentation of some specific information;
  • The presentation of its territory;
  • the promotion of Cameroonian tourism;
  • other deemed critical insertions over the course of this activity.